May 20 | Note From the Elders About Worship Services In Coming Weeks

May 20 | Note From the Elders About Worship Services In Coming Weeks

Dear friends,

Our region of northern Virginia remains under a shutdown until at least Friday, May 29, as directed by Governor Northam.  This means that, unless the Governor extends the shutdown, churches in our area may be able to hold in-person gatherings at 50% of building capacity as early as Sunday, May 31.

The first in-person service at Grace may occur on May 31, or on a subsequent Sunday (June 7 or 14), depending on how quickly safety procedures can be worked out.  This first in-person gathering will be attended by a limited group of invitees who will help troubleshoot our safety practices; the rest of the congregation will attend via livestream.  After that, we plan that in-person worship services will be held weekly, with members attending on a rotating basis while the rest of the congregation participates via livestream.  More details about our start date and plans for safety and in-person attendance will be sent to you via email next week.

To be clear, this coming Sunday, May 24, will be livestreaming only.

As was mentioned on Sunday, the elders have set up a Task Force to give guidance on safety issues related to reopening.  The Task Force consists of Dan Griswold (elder), Eric McFarland (deacon), and Bruce Stahl (trustee).  They will be researching safety issues and seeking to take into account the needs of the various demographic segments of our church.  If they reach out to you for input or help, please give them your assistance as you are able.  Thank you so much.

Yours in Christ,

The Elders